Vivo has today launched its new smart phone in India named the Vivo Y33S which is now its latest addition to the Y-line of mobiles under the 20,000 bracket. The phone comes with an advanced artificial intelligence system called the Vigo. With this sophisticated artificial intelligence system, the Vivo Y33S can synchronize its information from the cloud to the microprocessor that performs tasks relevant to the individual needs of the smartphone. The Vigo will also give instructions to the user through the virtual keyboard and via the Android interface on the handset. vivo y33s

With a large 5.5 inch LCD screen and a high-definition camera, the Vivo Y33S gives the user a great viewing experience. The phone comes with a sleek metal body and a dual tone glass material that is both durable and attractive. The Vivo smartphone comes with a huge internal memory of 1GB that stores plenty of data, which can be accessed through the SIM tray and the USB slots.

Coming to the phone’s specifications, the Vivo Y33S has been designed to provide users with a multimedia-rich experience. It has been loaded with features such as a fully touch ready physical home button, smooth and powerful navigation keys, a high definition camera with noise reduction and a fast charging system. Further, it comes with a number of pre-installed applications, a gaming center, weather widgets, a language translator, a calculator and a music player. The Vivo Y33S also comes with a USB cable that is extremely helpful for data transfers. The Vigo also features a built in accelerometer along with a barometer that measures the temperature, speed and heart rate of the smartphone.

The Vivo Y33S camera module comes with a number of advanced image capturing features that include digital zoom, a shutter speed lock, image stabilization, panorama, video recording, time code capture, digital photo stabilization and facial recognition. The Vigo camera also features a front light sensor and Omegaxy cell technologies that help in low light mode. The company has also teamed up with Samsung’s Connect IQ, so that the two companies can work together to provide users with the best possible user experience on their smartphone. This enables the Vigo handset to act as a virtual personal assistant that interacts with the user on all the occasions, making their lives more comfortable.

Like many modern smartphones, the Vivo Y 33S comes with an expandable memory with an enhanced user interface that makes it easy to add additional apps without any hassle. Moreover, this smartphone comes with a high definition camera with noise reduction, high end photographic features and high resolution imaging. The internal memory of this smartphone is expandable too and hence it offers more options for data storage. In fact, the handset has ample space to store information such as SMS messages, emails, MMS and pictures.

The Vivo Y33S also offers a unique dual SIM tray with an integrated card reader. The phone comes with a standard UK layout and comes with 6.58 inches screen size. It comes with capacitive and pressure sensitive text buttons and a physical home key on the bottom edge. Apart from these, the Vivo Y33S also offers colourful screen options including blue, red, orange and green. Apart, from its attractive design, the Vivo Y 33S comes with several colour options including grey, silver and gold.

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