The Oppo F19S is a high end mobile phone that was launched in the Indian market a few months back. The smartphone has been introduced at an affordable price of Rs 19,090 for the mid and low end versions. The Oppo F19S is available through Flipkart and Oppo e-stores, and sale begins from 4PM on the day of launch. Key Specifications The main highlight of the Oppo F19S is that it has been equipped with advanced mobile web browsing capabilities along with its normal camera features and music player features.

In this article I shall discuss some important aspects of the Oppo F19S that will help you in selecting the best smartphone available in the market. With the launch of the Oppo F19S the Oppo Company has once again impressed with the range of smartphones that they have launched. This is the third generation of the flagship smartphone of the company and the third generation of the Meizu series. The key specifications of the Oppo F19S consist of a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display that has been enhanced with ODEON lighting technology that delivers bright & vivid colours.

The second feature that distinguishes the Oppo F19S from its counterparts is that it comes with capacitive and optical dual cameras. The dual camera setup of the handset has got the best of both worlds. The first camera has got a pixel density of six. 43 pixels/inch and the other has a pixel density of two.8 pixels/inch. The former has a higher aspect ratio than the latter which increases the size of images that the device can capture. Moreover, the Oppo F19S has a higher pixel density due to the screen size which is comparatively smaller than the others.

The Oppo F19S comes with a primary camera setup that consists of the primary camera (factory) and the infrared (secondary) cameras. The primary camera has an auto focus system that helps in taking clear pictures even if you are moving from one place to another. The secondary camera has an aperture mode that lets you adjust the size of the aperture in order to control the amount of light that is let in to the camera. Oppo F19S

At present the Oppo F19S has got the advanced model with features such as geo navigation, air navigation and Google Maps. With these added features it becomes easier for people to navigate through places. I guess it depends on what your requirements are. If you want a high end camera then you will have to spend more money. The price of the Oppo F19S is around $250 which is reasonable when you compare it to other compact cameras like the Nikon Coolpix or Canon Rebel line. It is however slightly lower when compared to other digital single lens reflex cameras.

When it comes to the memory and storage of the Oppo F19S it is just right. The camera has got six gigabytes of storage and this is enough to fulfill the needs of most users without worrying about the space constraints. The battery of the Oppo F19S can be charged up to four times without worrying about draining the battery too quickly. The camera also has a fast motor and a very long warranty that covers everything that may go wrong with the unit.

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